[160413] Unveiling Ceremony (Visit to NNFC from Drexel University)

On April 13, 2016, Brian Blake, Provost of Drexel University and his wife Bridget Blake, Julie Mostov, Vice Provost of Drexel University, and Prof. Min Jun Kim came to NNFC. Jae Young Lee, President of NNFC, Chi Won Ahn, Director of NNFC-Drexel FIRST Co-op Center, Prof. Hee Tae Jung, Director of KAIST Institute for the Nanocentury participated this event. They discussed the future of collaboration between NNFC and Drexel, had a tour of NNFC-Drexel FIRST Co-op Center, and finally they held the unveiling ceremony of NNFC-Drexel FIRST Co-op Center. This meeting was very fruitful and will be helpful for permanent collaboration between NNFC and Drexel.

Here are other pictures below;


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